The men Training

Grow towards sacred masculinity

Adrian Atma

The Men Training

Are you a spiritual seeker who is longing to integrate your sexuality into your spiritual life?


Have you been looking for a Tantra workshop that is holistic and in line with the tradition?


Would you like to learn to have control over your ejaculation and experience deeper orgasms & profound love making experiences?


Then this is the training for you.

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Core theoretical teaching
of tantric wisdom
Adrian Atma
Men Circle & Transmission
Embodiment practices


  • This training is exclusively for men, who are interested in learning esoteric tantric practices that work with the instrumentalization of sexuality for the purpose of spiritual awakening and growth. Desiring to deepen understanding of life force and sacred masculinity. Therefore reconciliate their spiritual practice with their sexual life and integrate

• understanding of Tantric philosophy and meta-physiques.

• Learning the core of tantric sexuality principles

• learn how to gain control over the sexual energy which entails the capacity to prolong sexual interactions without ejaculation in the goal of deepening intimacy with their partner, love and spiritual growth.

• Introduction to sublimation of energy, polarity, stage of development.

Meditation, pranayama, bhandas, asanas, visualizations, Taoist technics, sercret practices

• introduction into kundalini practice

• The 4 pilars of tantric sexuality

• Methods to experience full body non-ejaculotary orgasms

• Exploring and understanding masculinity through the archetypes.

• Sweatlodges and ice bath ( as condition allows it)

• Purpose inquierery

• Men circle sharingi

•Final day ritual with women (partners or outside guest women). Women will be joining a one day initiation lead by ella june henrard. During this day the women will be lead to go through different process to inquiere their feminine power, sensuality and divine nature. At the end they will prepare a sacred space to receive the mens coming to worship the divine feminine. (no nudity and no sexual involvement)

technics, how these can be used to deepen their connection with themselves and their partners.

The main goal is to offer a safe space for transformation to men, to give relevant tools for spiritual awakening and growth.

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Adrian have more than ten years of experience and intense practice. He has been learning directly from different powerful teachers all over the world and integrate those teaching in a modern and adapted language. Transforming and developing himself through studying and practicing tantra, Kashmir shivism, hatha kundalini yoga, Tao, shamanic work, rituals and èsoteric practices.

Traveling all around the world, he’s sharing his knowledge and experience to contribute the great transformation of mankind.

it has a more-or-less normal distribution of letters. making it look like readable English.